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Live365 | Experience the Solar Eclipse in the Texan Hill Country with Pelorus

Join Pelorus, celebrated experiential travel and yachting specialists, on an unforgettable expedition to the Texan Hill Country in April 2024 and get front row seats to one of the most amazing natural phenomena in the world. From an epic F1 driving experience to a captivating “star party”, you'll soon discover why this one-of-a-kind experience should be at the top of your bucket list.

Total solar eclipse

The Itinerary

Starting your trip from Austin’s Commodore Perry, get behind the wheel as you drive the famed F1 track – Circuit of The Americas – in a supercar.

From Austin make your way to your exclusive luxury camp in a secluded corner of Texas as you enjoy the peacefulness of the great outdoors while honing your tomahawk throwing skills and exploring the area surrounding the camp. As twilight descends, you will have a team of astronomers and a range of telescopes available to educate you about the constellations in this region. Providing you with a one-of-kind experience, this captivating “star party” is just the prelude to the grand spectacle to unveil itself at dawn.

A car on an F1 track

The next day you will be treated to a natural phenomenon – a solar eclipse in the Texas Hill country. During this annual event, the sun will form a ‘ring of fire’ around the moon, visible along a narrow path that crosses through the US from Texas to Maine, with Texas holding a prime vantage point. Accompanied by a team of world-renowned astronomers, you’ll be expertly guided through this awe-inspiring phenomenon with the help of solar telescopes and protective eyewear designed to allow you to safely view the eclipse.

Depart camp next day by helicopter to Cibolo Creek Lodge for three nights in the heart of Big Bend country where you will enjoy private horse riding experiences on the ranch, ATV adventures, and clay pigeon shooting. Close the trip by visiting the artist town of Marfa where you will be treated to a truly unique dining experience within the confines of an art gallery with an exclusive private art exhibit and immersive artistic encounter.

A man riding a horse on a ranch in Texas

Where to Stay

During the eclipse, you’ll stay in a secluded luxury camp in Texan Hill Country to make the most of this spectacular phenomena. Following this, head to the sprawling Cibolo Creek Ranch – one of the oldest in Texas – for a 19th-century-meets-luxury experience.

Planning Your Journey

Fly directly to Austin Bergstrom International Airport (AUS), the ideal gateway to explore everything Austin and the Texas Hill Country have to offer, in unparalleled comfort and style aboard the industry-leading Bombardier Global Express. As one of the top ultra-long-range business jets on the market, the aircraft promises an exceptional in-flight experience and remains one of the most popular options for intercontinental travel.

One of the benefits of flying on the Global Express is its flexible cabin configuration. The aircraft can comfortably seat up to 16 passengers and for elevated privacy, its spacious cabin can be divided into three areas. Thanks to superior air circulation systems, adjustable cabin pressure, and plush seating, which can also be turned into beds, you’ll arrive in Austin feeling refreshed and ready to embark on your itinerary the moment you land.


Ready to start planning your trip?

Witnessing the grandeur of a total solar eclipse is a truly spectacular experience, and by choosing to fly privately, you'll make your trip one to remember.

If you have any questions about private jet travel to Austin or would like to learn more about this expedition, please get in touch with our team at



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