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Charter A Private Jet to the United States

The United States offers a unique blend of culture, entertainment, and corporate excellence. Whether you’re embarking on a luxury escape or a business trip, we deliver the highest standards of British bespoke service across all aspects of private jet travel in the US, arranging flights across all four corners of the country and every state in between.


With a dedicated team of Charter Managers available 24/7 across all regions, we specialise in managing flights and tailored bespoke itineraries for both personal and corporate travel, together with roadshows and exclusive events; we ensure every aspect of your charter is managed perfectly, leaving you to just enjoy your flight. 

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Global Charter Solutions

From the moment you get in touch to the time you reach your destination, our excellent charter are on hand 24/7 to cater to your every need, no matter how big or small.

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On-Demand Charter

Choice of 5,000+ Aircraft

Dedicated 24/7 Support

Personalised In-Flight Services

Ground Transportation Services

What You Can Expect From 365 Aviation

With the help of our expert team, Charter flights to the U.S. has never been easier. Whether you’re looking for on-demand flights, flexible scheduling or total discretion and high confidentiality, we can assist in providing a solution tailored precisely to your unique requirements, ensuring your journey is part of the adventure. 


Our multinational team serves in English, Mandarin, French, and more.


Over 10 years of British heritage, with a wealth of experience


We offer a bespoke approach, providing the best option to meet your needs


Dedicated, around-the-clock personal service tailored to suit you

Why People Choose 365 Aviation

"First class service from start to finish. The team at 365 are brilliant and we wouldn't use anyone else​."

N.D, New York

"A personal approach with swift responses 24/7. You feel 100% looked after."

J.L Brussels

“They communicate regularly to keep me up-to-date with the flights that I charter for my CEO; I know when he’s arrived, boarding, in the air and landing!"

Executive Assistant, London, U.K.

  • Where can I fly to?
    You can fly to any destination from your closest airport, including some of the most remote destinations in the world.
  • What methods of payment are accepted?
    Clients can make payment via bank transfer. We also accept all major credit cards, please note that a 3.5% fee will be applied.
  • What are your cancellation terms?
    Each operator will have different cancellation terms, please speak to one of our Charter Managers once you have selected the aircraft option.
  • How do I choose a suitable aircraft option for my flight?
    Our team will be happy to provide you with several solutions based on your requirements, including aircraft specifications and images to help you choose a private jet that best suits your needs.
  • How quickly can I depart once I request?
    365 Aviation can have an aircraft ready with as little as 4 hours’ notice. However, for certain countries, the processing hours of landing and overflight permits may take longer, and we will need up to 48 hours’ notice.
  • How will I be updated on the progress of flight?
    At 365 Aviation, you will liaise with one personal Charter Manager throughout. From the moment you book your flight to the time you reach your destination; you can rest assured that you’ll be in safe hands.
  • What is the check-in procedure?
    Prior to the flight, we will collect copies of all the passenger’s passports and the car registration number. On the day of departure, passengers will need to arrive at the FBO just 30 minutes before taking flight for security check. Here, they can enjoy hot drinks in the private lounge whilst they wait.
  • How long should I arrive before departure?
    You can arrive at the FBO just 30 minutes before departure.
  • Do you arrange charters for large groups of people?
    Yes, we arrange commercial charters for larger groups.
  • Do you provide seats/shared charter flights?
    No, we don't.
  • What in-flight services are provided?
    Your aircraft will be fully stocked with beverages and snacks, and personalised catering will be available on request. Most privates come equipped with WIFI, and you’ll also have access to preferred music, films, or even live-streaming events. We’re always happy to accommodate individual requests, whether it’s arranging for special occasions or ensuring your dietary preferences are met.
  • Do I need to arrive at the airport 2 hours before departure?
    You can arrive at the FBO just 30 minutes before departure.
  • Can I smoke on board?
    Although smoking is not usually allowed, we are always able to source an aircraft with smoking-friendly policies within our network. Please note that an additional deep cleaning fee will apply.
  • Can I fly with my pet?
    Absolutely! The team at 365 Aviation can advise on all rules and regulations for flying privately with your pets to different countries and will ensure that they have a happy, safe, and comfortable flight.
  • What is private jet charter?
    With a charter flight, you are hiring the whole aircraft, which gives you the luxury of flying on you own terms.
  • What is an FBO?
    The term FBO refers to a Fixed Base Operator, a private jet terminal that offers a lounge and a range of services for passengers flying privately. Your broker will advise you which FBO your flight will be departing from.
  • What is an empty leg?
    An empty leg becomes available when a private jet has been chartered to a specific location and doesn’t have any passengers for its return flight. Empty legs offer an incredible opportunity to travel on a private jet at a significant fraction of the cost.

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