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Live365 | BOND - Turning 007 into a reality with Pelorus.

Inspired by a love of James Bond, Pelorus has created the ultimate Bond-inspired travel experiences for you to step straight into the shoes of 007, and let your childhood dreams become reality.

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Bond may be known for a somewhat rough exterior, however, that doesn’t mean a compromise on style as you prepare to board LEGEND, a 77.4-metre yacht that will keep you and your team in unadulterated luxury as you set sail for Greenland. Known for its crisp temperatures, over 80% of its landmass is covered by thick ice sheet, the perfect conditions to jet surf through iceberg filled waters, landing on rocky beaches where you will board waiting snowmobiles. Heli-ski across the tundra to a dog sledging camp and dive in dry suits or in a submersible, making sure not to be misled whilst on your ‘mission’. Hunt for clues to disarm the alleged explosives at an abandoned radar station. Finish your day with a decadent meal prepared by one of Greenland’s top chefs before sinking into a hot spring for complete relaxation. Continue 007’s legacy by enjoying martinis on an ice cap before you abseil your way down. Familiarise yourself with the Arctic, by visiting the climate research centre nearby, before boarding a chartered flight to join your departing vessel.

Sail aboard LADY AZUL, a 39.4-metre yacht stopping to kayak through the Andaman Sea to the Surin Islands; undoubtedly some of the most stunning in Thailand. Scuba dive with a world-renowned instructor, visiting a dive site replete with marine wildlife, giving you the chance to brush up against species including the peaceful sea turtles, sharks, and manta rays. Prepare to embrace the culture of the Moken tribesmen as you spend the day learning the exceptional art of spear fishing and free diving. Listen to intriguing stories of the tribe’s history, be sure to listen closely as hidden encrypted messages will reveal the location of the missing rare idol. Penetrate a local criminal gang, going undercover in their weekly poker game to discover evidence on who stole the rare idol and pull off a heist to retrieve them. Once you have the rare idol in your possession, the cat and mouse chase begin. Escape your pursuers in a race that will span islands, jungles, and remote national parks. Follow an Ex-British Army Captain deep into the heart of the jungle where you will learn the art and skills of survival. Round off your experience as you fly in a private helicopter deep into the mountains to learn Thai boxing from a champion.

Fly with us to The Highlands of Scotland as you head north to Inverness on a private adventure like no other. Make it a trip to remember as you embark on a series of missions and adventures to help you truly understand what it means to be James Bond. Get hands-on as you undertake specialist driving lessons under the expert tutelage of a stunt driver on a private racetrack. This will come in handy when you choose from a selection of supercars to race through parts of the iconic NC500 route, immortalised in the Bond epic, Skyfall. Helicopter to a nearby Loch where you will kayak and take RIBs to distant coves here you will get the chance to abseil down rugged cliff faces. Don’t forget to indulge in one of Scotland’s biggest exports, tasting a series of finely aged whiskies with a master distiller before retiring to a luxury hotel on a private island.

The Pelorus travel team has crafted an expedition that will see you skiing through the wild landscapes of the Dolomites, using a private helicopter to maximise your skiing time and allow you to carve the first tracks into untouched snow. Dine in some of the region’s best restaurants as you take in pristine panoramic views before retiring to your luxury chalet base camp. Drive down from the mountains in supercars across the countryside to reach the floating city of Venice. Here you will traverse the city in gondolas and on foot as you journey through the canals and cobbled streets. Complete your mission just in time for one last Martini on board your private yacht. Shaken not stirred, of course.

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