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Jet Card Program Benefits

Guaranteed hourly rate fixed for 12 months

Flexibility to reduce rates with ad hoc charter

Cancel your membership at anytime without penalty

No joining or hidden fees 

Complimentary membership of Live365, your luxury lifestyle partner

Global support team available 24/7 365 days of the year 

Dedicated account manager

VIP catering

No monthly management fees

Free cancellation up to 72 hours prior to flight

Complimentary aircraft upgrades when available

All carbon flight emissions offset

Flight time charged from wheels-up to wheels down


Working Together

As a true leader in the private aviation industry, we pride ourselves on creating unique solutions for each of our members. Purchasing a one size fits all, fully inclusive jet card is not cost-effective, nor does it provide the flexibility required to adequately optimise a flight program to the member's needs. Instead, we analyse your historical flight patterns to optimise your savings. 


In keeping with our philosophy of tailoring custom-made itineraries to cater to the individual needs of our clients, we are pleased to offer guaranteed pricing while offering de-icing, last-minute cancellation, re-positioning and ad-hoc charter as options. If you fly primarily in the summer why pay for someone else’s de-icing, if you always plan in advance why pay for last-minute repositioning and if you rarely cancel why pay cancellation fees? Having a guaranteed rate gives peace of mind but at the same time, we will work to reduce your average per hour flight cost below the guaranteed rate using our traditional charter sources.


The best of both worlds, the guarantees of a block hour program at an exceptional rate and the flexibility and cost-saving of charter all in one program.




Aircraft: Citation CJ2+

Capacity: 6

Range: 3.5 Hours

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Aircraft: Citation XL/XLS

Capacity: 8

Range: 4 Hours

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As a 365 Aviation Jet Card Holder, you can also enjoy all the benefits of LIVE365; our complete luxury global travel solution, getting you seamlessly from door to door in privacy and style




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