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Located 55 km east of Mahe in The Seychelles just a short helicopter ride away, Fregate Island is perhaps the most complete 'experience' resort in the world and certainly one of it's most exclusive. Comprised of 16 Luxury Villas, the ultra-elusive Banyan Hill Estate, seven private and totally unspoiled beaches, The Rock Spa, Bio-diverse tropical jungle and an incredible array of wildlife, Frigate Island offers the ultimate Private Island experience.....

While the main restaurant is located in the open Fregate House, the array of unique fine dining options is a huge part of the Fregate experience. Cuisine is always fresh from garden to table with the flavour of the island a source of inspiration for the chefs. Choose a dining experience at anytime and almost anywhere on the island that you wish. Dine with Fairy Terns in The Banyan Tree House, private picnics on any of the seven beaches, candlelit barbecues or 'Dine-and-Wine' in the private wine cellar.

Sustainability, the islands ecosystems and the abundance of wildlife add an element to Fregate that can be found in a few other resorts. Giant Aldabra tortoises, Sea Turtles including the endangered Hawksbill and Green Turtles can be found all over the island. As one of the last few places on earth that Hawksbill Tortoises come to nest it is a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

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