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We believe those who charter an aircraft for business or pleasure deserve a different kind of service. A service that can cater for one’s personal preferences however complex. A service that delivers on all timings however short. A service where passengers can check-in as little as 20 minutes before departure and fly.

The most precious commodity nowadays is time, and at 365 Aviation we make it our priority to help you use yours efficiently. As our name suggests we are available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day to make sure you get where you need to be, fast. From the time you call us we can have your private jet ready for take-off within 2 hours of booking.  No queues, no airport stress, you fly from private terminals where discretion is guaranteed.

When you charter a private jet with 365 Aviation you can be sure of a luxury travel experience built around your exact requirements, whether you are flying for business or leisure, with friends and family or business colleagues. You simply tell us your schedule and we will make all the arrangements for you. With over 5,000 private executive aircraft available to charter worldwide, our expertise means that even the remotest of locations is accessible. 


You can rest assured that our passion and commitment to be the best in the private jet charter industry means that we at 365 Aviation will make sure your experience exceeds all expectations.

private jet interior


When you charter a Private Business Jet you are already ahead, we fly to your schedule, arriving at your destination on time, no queues, cancellations or delays, checking in just 20 minutes before take-off and travelling only with your colleagues, in absolute comfort.

Chartering a private business jet improves the efficiency of your business and increases the safety and security of your personnel. The whole business jet is yours, so whether you need to hold a meeting or to catch up on work, private business jets are offices on the go.  We can equip the jet with any office facility you wish so that you can make the most of your time in the air and we can arrange ground transport to get you to your meeting and returned to the airport for a seamless experience.

Our loyal business clients know how much sense it makes to hire a private jet for their corporate travel, with private charter not a minute of your time is wasted. Even if you have several meetings in one day, all in different locations we will make sure you arrive refreshed and to schedule.  No need for overnight stays in hotels or time wasted on the ground.

For more extensive corporate tours, the team at 365 Aviation is highly skilled at working with the in-house travel departments of some of the largest blue-chip companies in the world. With access to a huge global database of the latest and most beautiful private aircraft suitable for corporate travel we can charter helicopters, light aircraft and private jets, as well as commercial airliners, to meet all of your global corporate flight requirements.

Whether you have a regular business flight to perform for your management team, a weekly shuttle flight or a one off corporate event to organise we will advise you on your options and guide you through the process giving you the confidence that your travel arrangements will go exactly to plan. Menus, entertainment, headrests and the aircraft itself can also be designed with your company in mind.  The whole plane can be branded outside and in – great for when you need to make a real impact.

When arranging corporate travel there will be tight schedules and specific preferences regarding the type of aircraft and facilities on-board.  We listen very carefully to all your requirements, whether it’s the headroom, the catering, the seating configuration or the multimedia connections, whatever your requirements and preferences are, we make sure the aircraft is the best solution for you.

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Having the freedom of a chartering a private jet is an unparalleled experience.  Fly anywhere in the world from your closest airport, exactly when you wish to with only your family and friends on-board.

365 Aviation specialises in private jet chartering for leisure.  Our team of aviation experts understand that every moment you spend with your friends and family is precious, we will do everything to ensure that your holiday or celebration begins long before you arrive at your destination.

Whether you are going on a family holiday, skiing in the Alps, enjoying a shopping trip in New York, or joining friends on a yachting holiday in the sun, a private charter flight will get you there in comfort without compromise.

Your crew will welcome you on-board, where the discreet personal service continues.  Your preferred food and drinks will be served, magazines, films and music will be at your disposal, ideal if children are travelling too.

We understand that making arrangements for a trip, coordinating people and flights can be labour intensive, with our years of experience one phone call to us is all it takes, we will do the rest leaving you to enjoy the build up to a wonderful trip.



Getting closer to your destination than airports will allow is sometimes essential. Chartering a helicopter is the ideal solution.

Fast, practical and able to land in small spaces; when you hire a helicopter you can get to the most remote and difficult to get to locations.

Alternatively, you may need to get to a gig or a sporting event without fighting through the traffic, or simply get to get to a key appointment that you just wouldn’t make otherwise.

Chartering a Helicopter avoids city traffic jams, transport timetables and queues – you get exactly where you need to be as fresh as when you left home and get to enjoy the freedom of flight high above the chaos below. From Farnborough into Battersea in London, from Teterboro into Manhattan or Wall Street, from Van Nuys into Hollywood and custom travel itineraries on safari or skiing we can arrange all your rotary air travel.



Organising a multi-city tour or roadshow is second nature to us at 365 Aviation. We work closely with tour managers, production companies and PR departments to ensure that the right people are in the right place at the right time.  We know it is a given that travel itineraries for the music, film and media industries are often complicated and can be subject to very last-minute changes.

Whether your plans include visiting several destinations within a single country or a marathon six-month trip around the globe, we take care of everything.  Chartering a private jet for a Roadshow is the perfect way to make sure your travel plans run perfectly smoothly so that you can focus on the job in hand.

Provide us with your itinerary and we will make sure you get to all your commitments on time.  We will arrange the perfect private aircraft for the whole roadshow, organise crew changes where necessary, make sure you have all the facilities you require no matter whether that is a boardroom on-board, a lounge or a bedroom. Catering will be supplied and all dietary requirements catered for. We will also arrange ground transport to hotels and meetings should you require it, making sure all the logistics are taken care of so that you can relax.

With 365 Aviation you can take all the luggage and equipment you need for your roadshow – just tell us in advance what you’d like to transport and we will provide the perfect private aircraft for you and your bags. We can also arrange cargo flights, alongside your passenger charters, to transport your film and tour equipment or instruments.

In fact, once you have arranged your roadshow schedule, we will manage every detail to make sure it runs like clockwork.  Contact us today for more information about hiring a private jet for your roadshow or tour.

Private jet on a runway


 At 365 Aviation we’re at the top of the game when it comes to organising sports air charters for sporting professionals and teams. Our team have provided private jet, helicopter, airliner and cargo charters for an exciting range of sporting events, organisations and sports people.  These include some of the greatest teams in the world as well as supporters’ clubs, VIP guests, sports media and sponsors.

From well-travelled individuals such as golf pros and skiers to national teams and club sides, our air charter team are available 24/7 to ensure you and your equipment arrive safely in time.

We understand fully that travel arrangements for athletes can be very specific due to training regimes, events and security issues; we will work closely with you to offer a flexible aircraft charter that fits perfectly around your sporting schedule.

The advantages of private jet charter for sporting teams and events are evident. You get from A to B at the exact time you have arranged. There are no stop overs or changes necessary as there could be on a scheduled flight.  And of course, everyone travels together in one place at one time!

We will deal with all the logistics for you and will cater for partners and children who may be travelling too. We will take care of every detail from VIP lounges, extra security to specific dietary requirements. You just tell us who’s travelling, where to and you can leave the rest to us!

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 365 Aviation provides Private Jet Charter to government organisations. Whatever your requirement we will assist you in an efficient and expert manner.

365 Aviation has been chartering jets for governments around the world from many years, always providing the right level of security and discretion.Whether it is a non-stop trip to a single destination or a long haul diplomatic tour we guarantee you will get to where you need to be in comfort and with the right equipment on-board.

If you require several aircraft for different destinations, we can arrange everything to suit your exact needs; we will recommend the private jet to suit the route and number of passengers, and coordinate everything for you.


Offering complete confidentiality and high levels of security for important government officials we can often have an aircraft in the air within an hour if the need arises. We provide a full range of aircraft from helicopters, small and midsize jets up to airliners and we operate globally.

You may need helicopters for relief missions or short hops.  Or maybe an executive jet for VIPs or the Head of State?  An airliner with 20-500 seats is ideal for larger groups such as during an election campaign, or a cargo aircraft for humanitarian aid or other bulky equipment.

Dog on private jet

Flying Private with Pets

As Private Jet Travel has become more accessible, the increase in flying privately for leisure – as opposed to pure Business Travel – has led to a substantial increase in flights where the passengers wish to bring their pets along on their travels. The Team at 365 Aviation can advise on all rules and regulations for flying privately with your pets to different countries and will ensure that they have a happy, safe and luxurious flight!


As with two-legged passengers, some rules and regulations differ from country to country when chartering a flight for your dog or cat. Generally speaking, ensuring that your pet is healthy, fully vaccinated, micro-chipped, and has an up-to-date pet passport is the best way to safely take to the skies with your furry friend. Some countries also require current (within 48 hours) certificates for tapeworm and rabies. We recommend a visit to the vet within ten days before departure. If he or she is on medication we advise getting your vet's advice before flying. 


For any more pet-related travel queries, please do get in touch and a member of our team will be delighted to assist. 

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