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Flying Privately With Your Furry (Or Feathered) Friends!

­­365 Aviation provides you with the highest standards of bespoke service. Founded in 2011 with our head office located in the heart of the City of London, our mission is to bring our customers first class service from start to finish.

Dogs on a private jet

Covid-19 has led to a difference in how some people travel, whether as a family or group of friends, the added benefit is that leaving your furry (or feathered) companions alone in a kennel or pet boarding facility is no longer necessary. Most dogs must go in the hold which can be an extremely traumatic experience, not to mention being confined in a crate and without their human companions. When flying on a Private Jet with your pets you will have full access to give them the reassurance they need when flying. Flying privately with dogs or cats is remarkably uncomplicated and Covid has generated a surge in enquiries for private jet dog transport, ‘private jet dog’ believe it or not is now a common search engine term. 

What you and your pet can expect from us

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Advise on all rules & regulations for flying privately with your pets to different countries

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Over 10 years of British heritage, with a wealth of experience

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We offer a bespoke approach, providing the best option to meet your needs

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Dedicated, around-the-clock personal service tailored to suit you

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Why other people choose 365 Aviation

"First Class service from start to finish. The Team at 365 are brilliant and we wouldn’t use anyone else."

N.D New York USA

"A personal approach with swift responses 24/7. 
You feel 100% looked after."
J.L Brussels

“They communicate regularly to keep me up-to-date with the flights
that I charter for my CEO;
I know when he’s arrived,
boarding, in the air and landing!”
Executive assistant, London, U.K.

Hassle-free bespoke travel planning

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