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Flying Privately With Your Furry (Or Feathered) Friends!

Can you fly privately with your dogs, cats or feathered friends? Absolutely you can! Some operators have reported up to an 86% rise in pet travel since 2019 (primarily private flights with dogs), as Private Jet Travel has become more accessible to those that aren’t superbly rich or famous. The increase in flying privately for leisure as opposed to pure Business Travel has led to a substantial increase in flights where the passengers are accompanied by their pets.

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Covid-19 has led to a difference in how some people travel, whether as a family or group of friends, the added benefit is that leaving your furry (or feathered) companions alone in a kennel or pet boarding facility is no longer necessary. Some commercial airlines will allow small pets to fly in the cabin if they are in a carrier under your feet, larger dogs must go in the hold which can be an extremely traumatic experience, not to mention being confined in a crate and without their human companions. When flying on a Private Jet with your pets you will have full access to give them the reassurance they need when flying. Flying privately with dogs or cats is remarkably uncomplicated and Covid has generated a surge in enquiries for private jet dog transport, ‘private jet dog’ believe it or not is now a common search engine term.

As with two-legged passengers there are rules and regulations that differ from country to country when chartering a flight for your dog or cat, but generally speaking; ensure that your pet is healthy, is fully vaccinated with an up to date pet passport and micro-chipped. Some countries also require current (within 48 hours) certificates for tapeworm and rabies. Our best recommendation to ensure your pet is healthy to travel is a visit to the vet within the ten days before departure and if he or she is on medication get your vets advice before flying. The American Veterinary Medical Association recommends that no medication or sedatives are given pre or during flight as they can increase the risks of heart and respiratory issues.

As with medication, take the best advice on food and drink during and prior to departure (the drink for obvious reasons!). Water is essential for your dogs or cats when flying on private planes to stay hydrated but both food and water should be limited in order to avoid multiple potty breaks and with food to avoid upset stomachs. The majority of operators allow dogs or cats to fly on private planes but be aware that cleaning charges will apply should there be any accidents!

Unless there is a diabetic condition some vets will recommend no food at all or very little if flying long-haul. Generally speaking it’s a good idea to have a potty break solution, potentially a muzzle should your dog or cat become stressed, lots of exercise prior to and after the flight, a crate and/or a harness that can attach to the seat-belt for take off and landing which can be the most stressful part of the flight.

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The Team at 365 Aviation can advise on all rules and regulations for flying privately with your pets to different countries and will ensure that they have a happy, safe and luxurious flight!

Please contact The Team at and we will be happy to assist you.


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