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With a name like 'The Forgotten Islands', how could any adventurer not want to go!

Travel with 365 Aviation and the Experiential Yachting Team at Pelorus, to some of the most magnificent, beautiful and adventure-worthy destinations in SE Asia. From the forgotten Islands ( yes there really is such a place and unsurprisingly its pretty much Covid Free!) to magnificent Palawan, Timor Leste to Komodo and Raja Ampat to Malaysia; Pelorus Yacht Expeditions have curated the most incredible itineraries or allow the Team to curate a completely bespoke adventure designed specifically for you.

A body of water surrounded by trees and mountains

7,107 islands make up the country of the Philippines, remarkably less travelled than many of its neighbouring Asian countries despite the fact that islands like Palawan have been described by many publications as the most beautiful island in the world and Palawan is only one of many.

  • Kayak, Kitesurf and paddle through tiny island archipelagos.

  • Immerse yourself with the members of the Tagbanua tribe, known as the 'Guardians of Coron.'

  • Go mountaineering to the crater of live volcanoes.

  • Try canyoning in tropical jungle, jumping in waterfalls and white-water rafting back to the Ocean.

  • Dive with whale sharks, manta rays, hammerheads and thresher sharks.

  • Enjoy the undisputed luxury of your charter yacht that offers the finest cuisine and unparalleled service.

If you wish to venture even further afield, Timor-Leste is one of the world's unsung tourist destinations, with visitor numbers low in spite of its impressive natural credentials. The surrounding reefs plunge to deep depths, revealing the country's key attraction, it's diverse and thriving waters which are a divers paradise.

  • Embark on a submersible hunt for a missing Japans wreck.

  • Snorkel and Scuba some of the most bio-diverse islands in the world.

  • Heli-Dirt Bike down winding mountain trails to meet tiny indigenous communities.

  • Join your Pelorus guides on uninhabited islands.

  • Spot migrating whales in the straights with over 30 different species congregating in its waters.

  • Explore complex cave systems with rock paintings dating back as far as 13,000 years.

As the name suggests 'The Forgotten Islands' are one of the worlds rarest gems, a 1000km long chain of archipelagos stretching from Timor to West Papua that is untouched and rarely explored. Join a team of experts, all leaders in their fields, on a two week expedition to a location forgotten by the rest of the world, dive into the unknown and discover a place that few know actually exists.

  • Heli to remote tribes and over live volcanoes.

  • Visit indigenous tribes and learn how they live in harmony with salt water crocodiles.

  • Visit ancient petroglyphs, preserved in the open that are only now just starting to be researched by archaeologists,

  • Take the helicopter to tri-coloured lakes to swim and kite surf in fresh water.

  • Discover the sheer magnificence of whale sharks as you swim alongside them.

The Team at Pelorus are able to create adventures that are limited only by the scope of imagination, with detailed military planning, in-depth local knowledge and a number of the worlds finest luxury expedition yachts available for charter, they can curate the adventure of a lifetime.

For more information contact the Team.


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