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What a way to fly! Introducing the new Dassault Falcon 6X...

A large jetliner flying over a city next to a large body of water

Yesterday marked the maiden flight of Dassaults all new Falcon 6X, an aircraft that Dassault are calling the first 'Ultra Widebody Business Jet' with a cabin that is wider and taller than any aircraft from its competitors the opposite side of the pond. With a range of 5,500 Nautical Miles (10,200 KM) this trans-continental jet can take its passengers anywhere they wish to go in absolute luxury and comfort. The most obvious change in what Dassault says is a major redesign is two engines instead of the three that are synonymous with Dassault Business Jets. The new Pratt and Whitney engines deliver enough power to increase the 6X's range by 500 NM negating the need for the 3rd engine.

In true French style, the aircraft was designed to have '6X Appeal' within a cabin space that is an industry leading 2.58 M wide, 1.98M high and 12.30M long. Unlike some of its competitors, the cabin was designed to be an open space with uninterrupted lines, a contemporary feel and perhaps most importantly 30 extra-large windows and a skylight to flood the cabin with natural light. Naturally passengers can control the mood lighting to adjust to multiple time zones.

The inside of an airplane with a desk and chairs

Cabin systems are easily managed from the passengers personal device, controlling the individual entertainment, broadband and cabin environment systems in each passengers specific location.

Advanced cabin air filtration and circulation compliment the sound-proofing technology that is perhaps the quietest in the industry and any changes in cabin pressure are efficiently regulated to reduce fatigue, increase comfort and negate the effects of jet lag.

Scheduled to enter service in 2022, demand for the new 6X is high as it pushes the boundaries of comfort, space, efficiency and range.


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