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Welcome Onboard The All-New Bombardier Challenger 3500...

Initially announced at the Paris Air Show in 1999 as the Challenger Continental, the aircraft first flew as the Challenger 300 in July 2004. Ever since it has been a staple in the Super Mid-Size category through its various upgrades, firstly as the Challenger 350 in 2014 and now as the newly announced Challenger 3500 which is scheduled to enter service in 2022.

There are many reasons the 350 has been so successful; exceptional 3200 NM range, a cabin cross-section which rivals some earlier heavy jets, the quietest cabin in class and the lowest maintenance costs of any aircraft in category. Combine its performance capabilities with exceptional Bombardier comfort and cabin finishes and its no surprise that the 350 has been one of the most successful aircraft in the Super Mid-Size category.

The new Challenger 3500 is not just a refresh, Bombardier have considerably improved the performance characteristics; increasing range to 3,400 NM, introducing a pilot-friendly avionics suite which together with improved wing design and refined aerodynamics has resulted in a smoother ride, introduced class-leading and innovative smart technology into the cabin and followed through with their climate commitments by producing an aircraft which Bombardier states makes 'the 3500 the most sustainably designed business jet in class.'

While the improved performance and flight characteristics are undoubtedly important it is in the class-leading cabin that the changes are most apparent and will be very appreciated by the consumer. Several industry firsts have been incorporated such as wireless battery charging, voice activated cabin controls and the industry leading Nuage seat. The seat itself is the first to introduce a 'zero gravity' position all designed to improve comfort and productivity while in the air. The quietest cabin in class coupled with what is still a class leading cabin cross-section leaves no doubt that the 3500 will build on the success of the 350.

The 3500 is the first business jet with an Environmental Product Declaration and also the first to produce a carbon neutral flight test program. Utilising sustainable materials throughout the construction and finishing process, Bombardier has also introduced new technology in the cockpit to allow the pilots to fly more efficiently and reduce CO2 emissions.

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