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Welcome onboard the Airbus ACJ 220...

As the largest purpose-built business jet in the world, the all new Airbus ACJ 220 the 'Two-Twenty' is redefining the definition of a business jet. With six orders already confirmed this aircraft is in its own class in what Airbus are terming: 'The xtra large biz jet' category. Based on the A220 Family, the private version features up to six separate ultra-luxurious VIP living areas over 800 square feet of floor space and naturally the ability to customise each space to your own personal needs and requirements.

A large jetliner flying over a white car

The ACJ TwoTwenty is not only the most luxurious and spacious business jet available, Airbus is proud that the aircraft is the quietest, cleanest and most eco-friendly aircraft in its category. Featuring advanced materials, state-of-the-art technology and utilising the newest Airbus engines the 'TwoTwenty has a range of over 10,000 kilometres and 12 hours of flight time all while burning up to 25% less fuel with a 50% reduction in its noise footprint.

In partnership with Pagani, one version of this astounding aircraft known as the 'Infinito', has a 'sky-ceiling' which brings a live view of the sky above the aircraft into the cabin. Decor is very much based on the interiors gracing Pagani Hypercars with soft-leather carpets and contrasting textiles and textures of wood, carbon fibre, metal and glass. With first deliveries scheduled for 2023, Airbus is confident the 'TwoTwenty is a game changer.

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