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Tweed De Chanel | First Look at Chanel's New High Jewellery Collection

Be one of the first to discover the opulence and glamour of Tweed de Chanel, a High Jewellery Collection dedicated entirely to Chanel’s iconic tweed fabric of Maison.

A close up of a necklace on a tree branch

In the 1920s, Chanel’s tweed suit made a splash in the fashion world. It became a ground-breaking symbol for the ages and remains so to this day. The Tweed de Chanel collection surely deserves the same attention thanks to its innovative design, painstaking handwork and, of course, investment-grade gems.

So, how do you make gold and diamonds as pliable as the famous Scottish woollen fabric? To answer this question, the Chanel High Jewellery Workshop developed special articulation techniques, breathing the vitality of movement into solid gold and honouring the beautiful irregularity of tweed that so delighted Gabrielle Chanel.

Diamonds, pearls, and sapphires are layered and intertwined on several plains, creating necklaces, rings and bracelets with splendorous textured effects. The pure lines of each creation reinforce the graphic power of these exceptional weaves, fashioned exclusively by hand.

A necklace being worked on with a pair of scissors

The entire collection was conceived to express the distinctive characteristics of tweed. Responding to the depth and richness of this fabric, precious materials are interwoven, articulated and finely wrought in the manner of a tweed weft, with suppleness and comfort being found in the very structure of the pieces. Each setting embellished with stones and diamonds, tweed becomes a precious fabric that expresses all the strength, expertise and creativity of Chanel High Jewellery.

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A necklace on a mannequin with a lighthouse in the background

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