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'The Titan of the skies,' Gulfstream's 'oh-so' good-looking G-700...

In the ultra-competitive world of business aviation and following recent announcements and deliveries from Bombardier and Dassault it's no surprise to see Gulfstream's riposte, the all new G700.

A small plane is sitting on the runway

Gulfstream have been synonymous with building exceptionally good looking aircraft and lavish interiors for many years, the new G-700 slated for delivery at the end of 2022 only adds to the legacy but with some incredible performance statistics to go with the looks.

During the on-going flight testing program the G-700 reached a top-speed of Mach 0.99 and a maximum altitude of 54,000 feet or 760 Miles P/H or 1,222 Kilometres P/H,!

Official performance statistics with a fully functional interior should be in the region of Mach 0.925 which is still no slouch and with a range of 7,500 NM at Mach 0.85 it has world-beating performance capabilities. And the interior is spectacular...

The inside of an airplane with a table and chairs

Gulfstream have called it the most spacious interior in business aviation with up to five living areas and a maximum capacity of 19 passengers or 13 sleeping. The ergonomically designed seats all fold completely flat for overnight flights and the master-suite is a study in luxury. When reclining the master bed on the smartphone app from recumbent to full sleep, the lights dim in unison together with the windows that turn from transparent to dark and the music slowly fades....nice! As with other jets of this caliber, circadian lighting, whisper quiet living spaces, super fast connectivity and super clean air purification systems can all be found, Gulfstream say they have done it just that bit better.

A small white airplane sitting on top of an airport runway


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