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Private Jet Travel In The News...

The Private Jet Industry has been reported on widely over the last year and even more so in the last month. As countries around the world open their borders to leisure and business travel, the Private Jet industry has never been busier but perhaps not in the way you would expect. Covid-19 has undoubtedly changed the way that many travellers think and travel; in 2019 we used fast track apps to access priority lines through security and boarding, now we use apps like VeriFLY from British Airways, which stores our vaccination information and required documentation to give us access to fast-track lines. We talk about touchpoints in Airports, social distancing and the ever-changing myriad of Green, Amber and Red list countries together with the associated rules and regulations.

A group of women walking towards an airplane

There is nothing that Private Jet Charter can do about the regulations however a significant group of new charter clients are seeing it as a smart, safe and convenient way to travel. As reported in the Daily Telegraph in their piece ‘Meet the get set’, Private Jets are no longer the exclusive preserve of the super-rich. According to the Telegraph ‘Ordinary travellers are now seeing Private Jets as the safer, flexible and smarter way to fly’, ‘While commercial airlines struggle to operate amid global uncertainty and reduced demand, the Private Charter aircraft industry is booming. Existing customers are using Private Aviation more than ever. Those that previously flew business, or first class are turning to Private Charter as a viable alternative and family and friends are now joining the ‘get-set’ and clubbing together to charter flights and spread costs.’

While estimates of the risk of exposure to Covid-19 when flying privately vary widely, it is undeniable that it is safer, more efficient and flexible. As flight plans and passenger details are filed in advance, it is still the case that the passenger can arrive 30 minutes before a flight, transit through a private lounge or straight from the car to the aircraft steps, and fly. Moreover, as the flights are unscheduled, the passengers decide the departure time, the catering and choices of in-flight entertainment. Want to fly with your favourite pet or pets, no problem! It is estimated that in a commercial airport there are some 500 touch points to navigate, in a Private Jet Terminal there are around 50, so there is definitely an element of minimising exposure.

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It is also potentially not as expensive as many may think, The Telegraph says ‘A jet to the South of France, for example, can be chartered for under £8000.00. At this price range the four-passenger aircraft will cost £2000.00 per person.’ The Times quoted a recent passenger who flew to Paris one-way for £2,500, while these are likely to be empty leg prices, splitting the cost of a Private Jet between family and friends and flying in your own group bubble is undeniably becoming the way to travel for significant numbers of new clients.

The marketplace is extremely busy as demand has soared resulting in tighter availability, our best advice, try to book at least two to four weeks in advance and try to be as flexible as possible with dates and timings in order to secure the best possible price.

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