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Onboard The Pilatus PC-24: The Exceptional Commuter and Off-Road Vehicle..Literally!

The Pilatus PC-24 is possibly one-of-the-best do it all aircraft available on the charter market today. Originally created to follow-on from the successful turboprop, the PC-12, work began on the PC-24 in 2007 but Pilatus had a problem that it didn't fit into any traditional business jet category. The answer, create their own; 'The Super-Versatile Jet' and it really is.

There are approximately 20,000 unpaved and paved airfields in the world of which your standard business jet can land at about half of them. The PC-24 however only needs a paved or unpaved strip 893M in length and has a beefed-up frame and under carriage that allows the aircraft to take a little more rough behaviour than its more traditional counterparts. Simply-put the PC-24 gets you closer to your destination.

Equally at home in Nice, Chambery or a dirt strip in Botswana, the PC-24 was designed with maximum comfort and flexibility in mind. A massive 90 cubic feet of cargo space compliments a beautiful 500 Cubic Feet of passenger cabin which rivals all of its competition in terms of comfort, finish and luxury. Where it outshines the competition is in its flexible layout; all seats are designed to be moveable or removable within minutes allowing you to create any flex-seating layout that you wish.

With a range of 2000NM, a max cruising height of 45,000ft and top speed of over 400 Knots, carrying up to 8 passengers the PC-24 is also an exceptional choice for the business commuter. All-round one of our favourites and a great choice for any itinerary you may have in mind.

To book your next itinerary onboard a Pilatus PC-24 contact the team at

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