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Onboard the Global 6500: Where Luxury and Performance Meet

Elevate your flight experience and travel in unparalleled style and comfort on board the Bombardier Global 6500, one of the largest ultra-long range business jets in its class.

A small plane flying over a mountain side

Unmatched Performance

Successor to the ever so popular Global 6000, the Global 6500 has a top speed of Mach 0.90 and can reach a staggering range of 6,600 nautical miles, redefining long-haul private jet travel. Its powerful Rolls-Royce Pearl engines and slim Smooth Flĕx Wings allows for maximum performance and uncompromised comfort. Passengers can fly non-stop from London to Hong Kong, or Toluca to Madrid enjoying an exceptionally smooth ride aboard this class-leading jet.

With its award-winning field performance and shorter landing capabilities, the business jet can seamlessly access difficult airfields like Aspen, London City, St-Moritz, giving you the freedom to effortlessly travel to those hard-to-reach places.

The inside of an airplane with two seats

Quiet & Spacious Cabin

Purposefully designed as an extension of your home, the luxurious cabin is made up of three spacious living areas separate from the dedicate crew rest area, maximising movement and allowing for absolute privacy. With comfort at the forefront, the Global 6500 features a spacious club suite perfect for entertaining, a versatile conference suite for those all-important meetings and a quiet private suite ideal for a quick nap or a good night’s sleep. The wonderful aircraft has also been designed to be as quiet as ever and features sound insulating partitions to ensure you’re well-rested on board.

World-Class Features

From reliable high-speed internet to a fully equipped kitchen, the jet promises passengers the latest technology to keep passengers connected and entertained. With stand-out features including the revolutionary Nuance seat and large, well-positioned windows, the wide-open cabin creates the perfect environment for relaxation and business productivity.

With the option of selecting the floorplan, interior design, and livery of your global 6500, passengers can experience new levels of bespoke service. Redefining comfort and connectivity, it’s not a surprise that the Global 6500 is widely recognised as one of the industry’s most immaculate business jet.

A large jetliner flying through a cloudy blue sky

If you’re interested in chartering a Global 6500, please get in touch with a member of our team at


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