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Onboard the 'Disruptive' Praetor 600...

The brief for the successor to Embraer's Legacy 500 was aggressive but simple, build the fastest, most comfortable, technologically efficient aircraft with the longest range in the mid-sized segment, in short 'disrupt' the market. They did and it does!

A large jetliner sitting on top of an airport tarmac

While best in class comfort may be subjective, best in class altitude at 45,000 ft and best in class range of over 4000NM (13,700 km) are undeniable all at speeds of up to Mach 0.83. Described as a 'sports car with wings' the Praetor 600 delivers all the performance that you could ask for. Combine the performance with Fly-by-wire technology and automatic turbulence control and the Praetor 600 will deliver a Non-Stop New York to Paris in ultimate comfort.

The interior, as you would expect, more than compliments the performance characteristics. Thoughtful attention to detail and some of the finest design and craftsmanship to be found in private aviation have created a stunning modern interior. With HEPA Filters as standard, 6 ft high cabin ceilings, Home-like Wi-Fi connectivity, touchscreen controls and full video streaming the cabin is comfortable as it could be and at 45,000ft passengers experience a very comfortable 5,800 ft cabin altitude (another best in class) which to put it in context is about half a mile lower than Aspen, Colorado.

A small airplane flying through the air on a white background


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