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Onboard the Citation XLS and M2...Gen2!

At the end of last year, two of our favourite aircraft were re-introduced to the market in their new liveries....the XLS and M2, Gen2. Not only do they look fantastic inside and out, they are full of upgrades making both aircraft a pleasure to fly.

A small white airplane with a red light on it

Cessna is pitching the XLS as a 'corporate game-changer' and its hard to disagree; range 2,100 NM, max cruise speed 441 KTS and max passengers of 10 (realistically we would recommend 7/8 to travel comfortably) the XLS is the perfect inter-city or family holiday aircraft.

The 2nd generation version features an all new re-designed cabin with an emphasis on comfort and productivity. Enhanced lighting sets the tone for business or relaxation, ergonomically designed leather seating and updated cabin technology allows you to control everything from the comfort of your seat. Max headroom of 1.73M provides comfortable standing height and the XLS is billed as one of the roomiest aircraft in class. With range, speed, fuel efficiency and Collins Proline 21 Navionics this new XLS really does do it all.

An all new fresh air system heats fresh air through the engines to kill any pathogens and then either cools or heats the air before entering the cabin. Upgraded wireless charging and USB ports at every seat allow you to stay charged and connected and updated cabin control systems allow you to have complete control of all the cabin features; lighting, temperature and entertainment.

Not to be outdone, the new M2 is just as impressive in the thought and features that have been added to the aircraft. Speed, control, range, comfort and capacity; the new M2 is taking the very-light jet category to new heights. Perfect for shorter hops with a range up to 1550 NM, the new M2 still delivers a maximum cruise speed of 400 KTS making shorter inter-city or multi-city business trips, quick, comfortable and efficient.

The all new interior maximises style, light, comfort and productivity. With similar upgrades to the XLS, the new cabin is beautifully designed to enhance the interior volume of the aircraft. With light and bright tones, accents and lighting, the M2's new cabin makes very light jet travel a pleasure.

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