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Onboard Embraer's Phenom 300

The most delivered business jet in the world for three straight years, the Phenom 300 is an extremely popular aircraft for a myriad of reasons and one of our favourite aircraft to charter.

A small white airplane flying over a mountain range

So what makes this aircraft so popular? A great part of its success is its short field take-off ability allowing you to access runways like Aspen with more passengers and luggage than competing aircraft in the same segment. With over 80 cu.ft of luggage space it will hold everything necessary for its maximum passenger capacity of 8. With a maximum flying time of 4 hours it also holds an advantage over its competitors in terms of range and economy. If only carrying 6 passengers, the new 300E which Embraer introduced in 2018 is capable of nearly 2000NM with fuel reserves at a cruising speed of Mach 0.68, or 385 Knots. But if you need to get somewhere in a hurry the 300E is capable of 453 Knots at 45,000 feet.

Part of its huge success is the interior configuration with seating for up to eight and seats that conveniently fold to lay flat, retractable armrests to make navigating the centre aisle easier and a separate enclosed toilet which is perhaps surprisingly not available on some of its competitors. Large windows make the interior light and airy and the overall ambience is of a much larger midsize aircraft. All in all it's a great aircraft that delivers maximum value.

The interior of an airplane with many seats

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