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Live365 | 'White Desert' with Pelorus...

You know it's going to be a fabulous adventure when 'Whichaway Camp' and 'Wolf's Fang Runway' are the names of your destination, if you wish to create the adventure of a lifetime Pelorus can curate it for you. Five hours flight time on a Gulfstream G-550 south of Capetown lies the only private jet runway in Antarctica, a further 7 hours south lies the Scott-Amundsen Research Centre and the South Pole.

A small plane is sitting on the snow

Whichaway Camp is the only luxury destination in Antarctica's interior and features five star gastronomy, elegantly appointed and luxurious double walled ensuite pods, a stunning dining room, library and central lounge with plush seating and armchairs around a central fire. A fabulous wine-cellar featuring many Cape varietals ensures relaxed evenings in front of the fire after a day of Antarctic adventuring.

Adventure is the key word and activities range from Hiking and Mountaineering to Ice & Rock Climbing, Exploring the Ice Caves to Fat biking and Snowmobiling, Cross-Country Skiing to 6 x 6 Vehicle Adventures. Two hours from Whichaway lies an Emperor Penguin colony of up to 6,000 Penguins and their chicks, they are seen by so few human beings they are unafraid of human presence and will happily come just a few meters away. This is possibly one of the least observed wildlife events on the planet.

An 'Ultimate' destination for the most avid adventurer, the South Pole lies a further seven hours south of 'Whichaway' by DC3. The lowest point on earth, from where the only direction is North is exceptionally hard to visit and visited by very few making it an exclusive and singular experience to step in the shoes of the great explorers such as Scott, Amundsen and Shackleton.

White Desert accommodates parties of up to 12, the perfect size group to combine with an Exploration Yacht Charter, Helicopter Excursions and Submarine Dives around the Antarctic Peninsula and up to Patagonia; all of which can be curated with meticulous precision and creative imagination by Pelorus. For more information or to get started writing your Antarctic story please call +44 (0) 20 3651 5665 or email


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