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When you think of The Caribbean and 5-Star Luxury you might not automatically think of Nicaragua but that is exactly where you will find one of the most stunning private islands in the world...Calala Island. The creation of island-obsessed British couple, Tim and Sarah Wickham, this is a very special place, think Crusoe with all the mod-cons and if peace and space are the ultimate luxury this is barefoot luxury at its most remote and finest....

A small island in the middle of the ocean

The downside is that it's not easy to get to, the upside is that it's not easy to get to! For many this is a big attraction although direct heli-transfer from Managua International avoids a few hours of car and boat journey. Once there, it is a place that you will not want to leave; shared by a grand total of four suites, it is truly a place to get away from it all and if the thought of sharing the island with 6 other guests is too much to bear, take the whole island.

The accommodations are beautifully done with an eye to blending in with the island landscape; activities such as diving, snorkelling or fishing are plentiful (we dare you to leave the pool or beach!) and the service is exemplary.

Tom and Sarah Morrell run the island and if the name sounds familiar to British guests, Tom was in the finals of Masterchef in 2013. Naturally, with Michelin training on the resume the food is fresh, creative and spectacular, of course focusing on local and freshly caught produce.

The pictures speak volumes, this virtually pristine area of the Caribbean is rarely visited by tourists and Calala is the only private island resort. Situated in the idyllic Pearl Cays and coined the NiCaribbean, the island delivers spectacular sunrises and sunsets, idyllic scenery and much coveted peace and quiet. Deserted beaches, sandy atolls covered only by an umbrella and endless ocean vistas where the only thing to disturb you are the resident parrots, turtles and maybe the odd local fisherman in a dugout canoe...about as close to Nirvana as you can get and we aren't talking the Kurt Cobain kind!

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