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Easter Escapes: Unveiling the Best Destinations for Spring 2024

As spring begins to emerge and temperatures climb, it’s the ideal season to plan a rejuvenating escape before the crowds take over. From blissful beach getaways in Thailand and cherry blossom season in Japan, to catching some early summer rays in Southern Europe, here we round up the best places to visit in Spring 2024.

Embraer Phenom 300 plane in flight

Tokyo, Japan

AverageTemperature in April: 19°C high; 10°C low

Embrace the beauty of blossoming flowers, verdant greenery, and mild spring temperatures as you immerse yourself in the enchanting landscapes of Tokyo, where the delicate cherry blossoms create the perfect backdrop for sightseeing, exploring national parks and attending renowned spring festivals. Although you may encounter more visitors during this time of year, late March through April is by far the best time to visit.


Don’t miss: The Ueno Cherry Blossom Festival, widely regarded among Japan’s best areas for cherry blossom viewing. Partake in the timeless tradition of hanami (flower viewing), indulging in delectable picnics and toasting to the season with sake.

Koh Samui, Thailand

AverageTemperature in April: 30°C high; 25°C low

Turning up the heat in Spring, Koh Samui has absolutely everything you need for a luxurious tropical retreat. Indulge in lush landscapes, idyllic beaches, and culinary delights, all complemented by the renowned warm Thai hospitality wherever you go.

Don’t miss: Join in on the colourful Songkran festivities (Thai New Year) mid-April, where flower parades, traditional Buddhist rituals and playful water fights create a vibrant atmosphere like no other.

Texas, USA

AverageTemperature in April: 26°C high; 16°C low

With big skies and even bigger parks, Texas is a lovely place to visit in Springtime. As the weather warms up (before the sweltering days of summer), March and April see festivals making their way outdoors, with lively events celebrating everything from music and food to art and culture.


Don’t miss: On April 8, Texas will be treated to one of the most spectacular sights of all time; the 2024 total lunar eclipse. For budding creatives, Austin’s South by Southwest Festival offers films and concerts every March. 

Seville, Spain

AverageTemperature in April: 22°C high; 11°C low

Where orange blossoms are in full bloom and colourful parades transform the city, the Andalusian capital creates a picture-perfect setting for an enchanting Spring getaway. In contrast to its sweltering summer months, Seville experiences a wonderful temperature this time of year, perfect for taking a leisurely stroll through its charming streets and historic neighbourhoods, enjoying flamenco shows and sampling some of the city’s world-famous tapas.


Don’t miss: Taking place two weeks after Easter, the city holds its great annual fair, the Feria de Abril, a week-long celebration of flamenco, bullfighting, and traditional music. 

Madeira, Portugal

AverageTemperature in April: 13°C high; 7°C low

Bursting into bloom, Madeira’s rugged landscapes and dramatic coastlines transform into a botanical paradise during this time of year. Although it’s not quite sun-bathing weather, the temperature is ideal for exploring the island’s verdant hiking trails and witnessing its striking waterfalls and volcanic peaks.


Don’t miss: Madeira’s annual flower festival, known locally as “Festa da Flor.” Witness vibrant flower parades make their way through the cobblestone streets of Funchal, as you enjoy the live music and fragrant scents that fill the air.

French Alps, France

AverageTemperature in April: 11°C high; 1°C low

Warmer weather, endless blue skies and longer days spent on the mountains; Spring presents the perfect time to go skiing. With fewer skiers out on the slopes, you’ll have the freedom to carve those turns and explore the terrain at your own pace – not to mention enjoy those shorter lift lines! The legendary après-ski scene becomes even more vibrant, as revellers enjoy longer on the sun-soaked terraces, Aperol Spritz in hand!


Don’t miss: Oxford Ski’s round-up of the best Alpine ski properties to book this Spring. Click here to find out more.


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