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Live365 | Set Sail on Your Next Yachting Adventure

Many of our private jet travellers are on the quest for new, exciting and memorable moments, choosing to embark on big adventures to destinations further afield. To inspire your next jet-set adventure, we’ve teamed up with Live365 partner Pelorus, a leading experiential travel and yacht expedition specialist, to reveal exclusive escapes and far-flung expeditions not to be missed.

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With a mission to transform people’s perspectives, Pelorus grants you exclusive access to the world's most incredible experiences and hotels, creating tailor-made itineraries for those seeking something different. To kick off this series of extraordinary adventures curated by Pelorus, we’re taking a glimpse at why sailing under the southern lights in Tasmania should be high on your travel bucket list.

Hobart, Tasmania

Vineyard Voyages

Indulge in fine wines and culinary delights in glorious style and charter a yacht to Australia’s most remote region, Tasmania. Made up of unspoilt wilderness, serene channels and famed food, this beautiful island is the perfect place for food-lovers and wine aficionados.

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Begin your trip in the state capital of Hobart before setting sail towards Bruny Island, home to stunning wild landscapes and dazzling stretches of sand waiting to be explored. Make your way onto shore and enjoy a private cheese and wine tasting on the beach. Or set off on a bushwalk through the island’s stunning natural landscape, keeping an eye out for echidnas, white wallabies, seals, and whales that breach the turquoise waters. In the evening, return to your vessel to dine under the stars and, if you’re lucky, under the southern lights.

Make your way inland on the Huon Valley to Hartz Mountains National Park, famed for its small glacial lakes and waterfalls. Popular amongst bushwalkers, enjoy scenic walks and stop in the wilderness for a wild lunch surrounded by nature.

Your trip to Tasmania wouldn’t be complete without a visit to some of its celebrated vineyards. Indulge in a premium wine tasting paired with exquisite cuisine prepared by a top local chef as you bask in the glorious sunshine.

Ready to plan your next trip? As an exclusive way to travel, nothing beats the sophistication of flying by private jet. Reach remote locations and fly to your own schedule as you sit back and relax in ultimate style and comfort. No matter which adventure you choose, every detail will be tailored exclusively for you.

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If you are interested in discussing private jet travel to Hobart, or you want to learn more about this curated expedition, our expert charter team will be happy to help. For enquiries, please contact

Photos courtesy of Alastair Bett, Dardanella, Samuel Shelley, Pierre Destribats, Tayla Gentle, Mitch Osborne, Tourism Tasmania & Rob Burnett.


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