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Live365 | Explore Spectacular Norway with Pelorus...


A scenic view of a lake surrounded by mountains


Norway boasts a spectacularly rich and diverse topography brimming with adventure and wildlife. Experience the contrast of the cool and contemporary capital against the staggering wild beauty of the fjordlands and Northern Norway. The fjordland regions of Møre and Romsdal feature the highest single drop rock face in Europe, glacial valleys and picturesque harbours to explore. Further north, the Lofoten Islands sit far above the Arctic Circle and are known for traditional fishing villages, rugged mountains, and windswept beaches


Norway is a country with an immense history and a proud people. An, at times, intemperate climate and rugged terrain have shaped the psyche of the Norwegian people, living off the land and sea is a cornerstone of their lives and ancient mythologies. Tiny fishing villages interspersed among soaring mountains have led to the formation of a strong sense of community and mutual assistance.


Combining adventure with culture, these extraordinary experiences will reveal the magic of this enchanting and mesmerising country. Kayak through the fjords in the light of the midnight sun, cruise along the coastline searching for wildlife and hike the majestic peaks.

An aerial view of a city and a body of water



Landing into Oslo you will be greeted by your driver and transferred to The Thief hotel in the city centre.

Arriving at your hotel, you will have the remainder of the day at leisure to relax after your flight. The hotel is perfectly positioned in the city centre and this afternoon you can head out on a walk to familiarise yourselves with your new cityscape.

This evening indulge in your first tastes of Norwegian flavours at your hotel’s restaurant served in a splendid and authentically furnished dining room.



Following breakfast this morning, you will head out to explore the city at your own leisure.

One of Europe’s fastest-growing cities, Oslo is a vibrant hub of unique architecture, culture and cuisine encompassed by forest-covered mountains and the deep blue sea waters.

Loose yourself in the city’s streets and explore the city’s most impressive spots; those that ring true of its Scandinavian routes and contribute to its diverse reputation. Discover classic attractions including the City Hall, which won ‘Structure of the Century’ in 2005; Vigeland Sculpture Park, the largest in the world by a single artist and the iconic Royal Opera House.

Stop for lunch in a local café and take some time to relax in the city.

In the afternoon, journey into the lesser-known spots of Oslo, where you may uncover the backstreets and learn about the city’s fascinating history. The cityscape is constantly developing, and you will experience the contrast of old and new on this engaging exploration.



Following yesterday’s self-led exploration of Oslo, today you will discover the city from a new perspective.

After meeting your guide at the hotel, you will head down to the harbour where your private RIB awaits for an exhilarating exploration around the Oslofjord islands and inlets. Speeding along rugged coastline, your captain will showcase the city’s unique archipelago.

You will hop between islands, stopping to disembark and explore the land as you please. Discover the military history at Hovedøya, stroll among cottages at Lindøya and delight in a delicious local cuisine.

After a day of awesome exploration, you will disembark and return to your hotel with the remainder of the day at leisure.



After a delicious breakfast to energise you for your day ahead, you will once again head to the hotel lobby where you will be met by your guide.

Today's trip will be in the forest areas of Nordmarka - overlooking Oslo city and the Oslo fjord. Nordmarka is the name of unique forest areas surrounding Oslo city center.

The day will begin by taking the tram to the Holmenkollen national skiing arena where it is possible to zip-line high above the ski jump. Gravel roads and hiking trails will take you to beautiful lakes, rivers and cozy timber cottages where you will find a delightful stop for lunch.

This day is a fantastic look into how those who live in Oslo escape the city on the weekends and unwind in the crisp mountain air.

Come early afternoon, you will make your way back to the hotel and spend the rest of the day at your own leisure.



This morning you will be transferred to Oslo airport for an internal flight to Ålesund. You will be met at the airport by your private driver and taken approximately 40 minutes south to Ålesund.

Encircled by the sea, dramatic mountains, and beautiful islands, the town of Ålesund is a vibrant place, teeming with striking architecture and blessed with breath-taking views. Ålesund’s historical streets ooze an endearing charm, whilst its surrounding landscape invites travelers to explore and participate in an array of exciting adventures.

For your first night in Norway you will stay at Hotel Brosundet. This utterly unique hotel on the waterfront provides stunning vistas of the sea and the old town.



Departing from Hotel Brosundet this morning, you will board your fast boat, MS Nordic Lady, for a journey through the fjords to Trandal. This voyage deep into the fjords will give you a wonderful insight into the depth and beauty of the landscape that you will be exploring over the coming days.

Upon arrival, a short drive will take you to the starting point for a breath-taking hike. Following the often-steep trails to the summit of Trandalhatten, the picturesque surroundings will serve as the perfect introduction to the region.

Post lunch, you will climb back onto the fast boat and cruise around the corner of the fjord to Øye. Here you will arrive at Hotel Union Øye, an enchanting Nordic hotel cradled between the rugged mountains, where the Hotel Director will be waiting to greet you.

Once checked in, you will have time to settle in ahead of dinner in one of Øye’s private rooms.



Today, you will have the opportunity to embark on a phenomenal hike through Norway’s fjord landscape.

Following a hearty breakfast, you will be picked up by the fast boat and whisked across the glassy water to Sæbo the western side of the fjord. From here, a short car journey will lead you to the start point of your hike.

Today’s hike will see you passing through luscious valleys and along stunning ridgelines in the Hjørundfjorden region, ultimately winding its way to lunch at Rekkedal. A collection of former farm buildings dating from the 16th century and gathered around a central garden, this characterful restaurant adopts a unique concept by inviting guests to experience true Nordic hospitality and expert cuisine in your own private setting.

Following a relaxed lunch, you will transfer back to the harbor for your fast boat return to Øye. Through the late afternoon you will have an opportunity to recharge in the beautiful surroundings and reflect on your day in the mountains.

This evening you will dine in Øye’s beautiful new conservatory.



This morning you will board a flight from Ålesund to the north. Landing in Bodø, you will be welcomed to the Lofoten Islands, situated far above the Arctic Circle and offering some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes on Earth with the deserved reputation of being the ultimate adventure playground.

On arrival in Bodø, an AW139 helicopter will be waiting to take you over the water and onto the famed Lofoten Archipelago. Landing on the edge of the picturesque town of Henningsvær, you will be picked up from by a RIB to cruise along the stunning coastline to Hattvika Lodge, your home for the next two nights, enjoying the incredible vistas of sprawling islands and magical waters as you journey. Hattvika Lodge is a charming hotel dating back to 1870 and located in an authentic fisherman’s area in Ballstad.

Southern Lofoten is famed for its rugged peaks, green valleys and wonderful white sand beaches. This afternoon you will head out with your guide for your first exploration of your new surroundings. Visit the Hattvika harbour and witness the fishermen coming in for the day with their catch and learn about the fascinating Viking history of the islands.

Before dinner, relax in the warming sauna and jacuzzi, or opt for a more refreshing dip into the arctic ocean. After dinner this evening, you will have another opportunity to witness the powerful beauty of the Midnight Sun. This is an otherworldly phenomenon where the sun doesn’t set, taking place in Lofoten until the 17th of July. With luck, you will have good weather conditions to discover the beauty of this natural wonder which casts a magical yellow light across the sparkling coastline, towering mountains and charming fishing villages.



Today is all about exploring Southern Lofoten’s gorgeous beaches. Nestled between majestic peaks and luscious valleys, beautiful expanses of white sand meet the crystal-clear, turquoise waters of the Arctic Ocean. With so many pristine beaches to choose from, it is impossible to pick a favourite and today you will hike and drive between several.

This afternoon, you will have the option to head down to the iconic Unstad beach which is world-renowned for epic surfing. Alongside expert instructors you can ride the waves of the Arctic surf break.

After this refreshing and exhilarating experience, you will warm up at the famous surf joint with hot springs and delicious food.

Head back to the hotel to relax for the remainder of the afternoon.

Following dinner this evening, you will once again have an opportunity to witness the power of the Midnight Sun. Depending upon conditions, you can choose to set out into the fjord by sea kayaks where you will glide beneath the golden glow of the sky.

DAY 10


Today will begin with a picturesque hike of one of Lofoten’s majestic peaks. The route will be decided based upon your activity levels and weather conditions.

From coastal trails to wide open meadows, vast glistening lakes and challenging ascents, the scenery is everchanging but continually breath-taking. Whichever route your guide chooses will showcase amazing island wilderness.

Halfway through your hike you will stop for a freshly prepared picnic lunch accompanied by awe-inspiring views.

Finishing your hike, this afternoon you will visit the Lofotr Viking Museum to learn about the intriguing Viking age that has dominated the Lofoten Islands for centuries. A living museum, the world around you will come to life with traditional Viking displays of skills and celebration.

Returning to Hattvika Lodge, this evening after dinner spend another evening under the midnight sun.

DAY 11


This morning you will transfer to Festvaag private lodge, your home for two nights.

Later today you will board a private RIB for a high-speed exhilarating exploration of the sprawling islands and imposing cliff walls. You will journey along the coastline to reach the captivating town of Henningsvær. Along the way, keep your eyes out in search of wildlife with porpoises, basking sharks and seals residing in these waters and majestic Sea Eagles navigating the sky above you.

Arriving in Henningsvær you will stop in a local café for a charming lunch. Following lunch, explore this beautiful fishing village, one of the most iconic in Norway, where fishermen travel from all over the world to fish in the surrounding waters.

Back on board the RIB, you will speed across the waters in an exciting return journey to your private lodge. The lodge’s wild and rugged surroundings provide a playground for exploration. Each evening at the lodge, you will be able to search for the midnight sun on foot, bikes and kayaks.

DAY 12


Take to the waters once more for an island adventure. Cruise across deep blue waters to reach Skrova, an idyllic island located in the middle of the Vestfjord and home to several white beaches that gave Skrova the nickname of the “Hawaii of Lofoten”.

Enjoy a hike up to the top, where you will gain incredible views of the immense mountains that plunge into turquoise blue waters lapping onto white sands. Following your hike, head down to the beach for a deliciously refreshing swim in the sea.

Lunch will be served on the island at Skrovabrygga, a privately owned and truly local restaurant. After lunch, explore the village which holds a strong passion for local photography. Visit the island’s only road tunnel which holds a collection of work by the photographer Sven-Ivar Carlsson who first visited the island in 1959.

This afternoon you will travel back to your private lodge to spend the rest of the day at leisure before basking in the midnight sun for your final evening.

A large house with a mountain in the background

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Images courtesy of 62°Nord and Pelorus.


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