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Live 365 Private Island Collection | Discover 'Gladden'...

An island with a thatched roof in the middle of the ocean

Lying 20 miles off the coast of Placencia in Belize, 'Gladden' is one of the most exquisite and private destinations in the world. Compromised of two islands, situated on the fringe of the Belize Barrier reef, Gladden is the furthest island from the Belizean mainland; lying in protected, picture perfect azure waters, there really is no finer destination to get away from it all and immerse yourself in total privacy...

Guest privacy is of paramount importance hence the island was designed for a single couple with the staff residing 'unseen' on their own island but always only a few minutes away. The freshest Global cuisine is prepared to choice by an award-winning chef and served in any location desired.

The 'Gladden Split' is a few miles away, a gap in the reef where whale sharks gather once a year and your own sport fishing yacht is available to take you there or anywhere else you wish to go. A short helicopter ride from the mainland, Gladden will provide you with a magical experience.


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