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If it isn't broken, don't fix it....just keep improving it! The Cessna Citation CJ2 and CJ3.

The 'venerable' first CJ2 first flew operationally twenty-one years ago in 2000 although it can trace it's roots all the way back to the first 525 Model that flew in 1989. The original CJ1 was replaced with a faster, sleeker and larger CJ2 with more cabin and luggage space and the line was complemented by the big sister, the CJ3. Since the first frame flew in 2000 the philosophy behind the CJ's was simple; economy, simplicity and performance and for twenty-one years the CJ has been and still is a go-to aircraft.

While production of the CJ2+ended in 2016 its still an incredibly popular aircraft; with comfortable seating for 6, a built in restroom, fully equipped mini-bar and multiple luggage compartments it's the perfect aircraft for a short-haul business trip or for a family holiday.

The 'big sister' the CJ3 which is now the CJ3+ has just that little bit more elbow room, range and performance. It's whisper quiet with comfortable club seats that seat a maximum 7 passengers (6 is the norm) and can carry a significant 1000 lbs of luggage and while set up to be operated by a single pilot it can accommodate a second crew member or flight attendant. With a range of 3,700 KM and a cruising speed of 416 knots we see the CJ3+ as an excellent choice in the light jet class.

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