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Explore The Magnificent Douro Valley This Summer....

A scenic view of a river and a small village

At the Atlantic Coast end of the magnificent Douro River Valley lies the stunning, historic city of Porto, like many of the great European Cities it is steeped in history and vibrant culture. While it would be easy to spend weeks exploring its ancient streets, to the east of the city lies almost 900 kilometres of the finest wine country in Europe.....The Douro Valley.

Synonymous with the finest ports in the world, The Douro Valley is less well known for some of the finest table wines. Loosely separated into three distinct regions; Baixo Corgo produces fresh, aromatic whites, Cima Corgo the best port wines and the Douro Superior produces some of the most delicious reds that you can drink. While quality table wine production was only really recognised in the 1980’s, the unique combination of schist soil, the micro-climate and varietals such as Tinta Roriz, Touriga Franca, Tinta Amarela and Touriga Nacional produce extremely distinguished wines to satisfy any educated palette.

Port has been produced in the Douro since the mid 1700’s, commercial household names such as Taylor’s, Warre’s, Croft and Graham’s sit alongside the famous Quinta’s such as Do Noval and De La Rosa which are admired worldwide but perhaps what makes the Douro so special is it is certainly amongst the most beautiful wine regions to be found anywhere. Like the great wine regions of Tuscany and France, The Douro has its own particular ambience with its famous wines growing on terraced hills following the graceful curves of the river all the way from Porto to the Spanish Border (think Tuscany but steeper!). Rural Quintas (wineries) are dotted between medieval towns and rural villages where vineyard culture and tourism have been embraced and the region is also now becoming a major gastronomic destination.

There are a myriad of exceptional destinations but perhaps the finest stay is the Six Senses Douro Valley which is an absolute must visit especially if health and wellness is foremost on your mind. An award-winning spa regularly nominated as one of the worlds top wellness destinations is complimented by some exceptional restaurants dedicated to curating the finest gastronomic experiences all encapsulated in an exquisite resort. With private charter flights into the private terminal at Porto International Airport and heli-transfers available, getting there couldn’t be safer and easier. To enquire please contact


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