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'Double Trouble'...Onboard The New Gulfstream G-400 And G-800.

'Double Trouble'...for the competition that is! Private Aviation is experiencing an unprecedented year and in keeping with the raft of new aircraft announcements that are pushing technological and performance boundaries, Gulfstream will certainly not be outdone. The two new aircraft announced on Monday, The G-400 and G-800 both push boundaries in every direction; not to be outdone by recent announcements from Dassault and Bombardier with the Falcon 10X and Global 7500 respectively, the G-800 will reportedly have a range of 8000 NM. To put that in perspective that's further than a 787 Dreamliner according to the specs, 500 miles further than the 10X and 300 more than the Global

Two pictures of a plane flying over the ocean

Gulfstream G-800

The new G-800 is magnificent! Now the longest-range aircraft in Gulfstream's fleet, twin Rolls-Royce Pearl engines provide 13,496 pounds of thrust allow the aircraft to cover the distance at speeds of up to Mach 0.85 ensuring it not only flies longer but gets there faster than the competition.

A private jet flying over the ocean and mountains

Onboard, the interior is fully customisable; options are available to create up to four distinct living areas that can carry up to 19 passengers, why only take a small team when you can take the whole boardroom in maximum comfort and speed? State of the art plasma-ionisation systems filter 100% fresh-air and the lowest cabin altitude in class ensures that passengers arrive at their destination with minimal jet lag disruption. Bombardier recently announced the largest cabin windows in-class so Gulfstream went bigger and the ever-so good looking winglets ensure maximum efficiency. According to Gulfstream 'The G-800 redefines what it means to go further, faster and offers even more time savings with its range at high speed.'

Gulfstream G-400

While the G-800 is seriously impressive the G-400 has the potential to be a game-changer; being termed the industry's first new large-cabin aircraft in a decade, not only is it stunning to look at it's chock full of innovation.

A small plane flying over a large body of water

The G-400 and its reinvented cabin space will offer the consumer the biggest and quietest cabin in class with customisable seating options and layouts to accommodate up to 12 passengers. As with the G-800, the windows are the largest in class and the patented air purification system delivers 100% clean air in order to minimise jet lag.

Maximum comfort is never an issue with Gulfstream as the interiors are always finished to absolutely the highest standards but with a range of 4200 NM at Mach 0.85 and the biggest cabin in class, it will carry the most passengers, further, faster and in maximum comfort....over to you Dassault and Bombardier!

A group of airplanes sitting on top of an airport tarmac

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