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Comfort and Capacity! Embraer's ultra-popular Legacy 650 ticks all the boxes...

In the not too distant past, speed and getting to your destination in the shortest time possible was in vogue. Today it's all about travelling effectively in maximum comfort, a trend that has been expertly filled by Embraer's Legacy 600 and her big sister the Legacy 650.

As connectivity in the sky has improved, the need to get back on the ground as fast as possible has faded, while recreating the boardroom or a fully functioning office at 40,000 Feet, with plenty of space and luggage capacity to take along the whole team is now more of a priority. The Legacy 650 is the updated version of the Legacy 600, with ultra efficient engines, extra fuel capacity and undercarriage, she has a range of 3,900 Nautical Miles (7,223 KM) at a max operating height of 41,000 Feet.

The Legacy certainly ticks all the boxes, class leading cabin dimensions in length, height and width have created an exceptional interior space with three distinct living zones for sleeping, meeting or dining and with vast luggage capacity she is perfect for an extended business trip with the whole team or a vacation with extended family.

In terms of performance, safety and technology the Legacy is absolutely no slouch either, her Rolls Royce engines are extremely efficient making long distance trips even with 12-13 onboard relatively cost-effective. Constant upgrades have been made since her introduction in 2009 in terms of sound proofing and insulation, Avionics and Multimedia making her one of the quietest aircraft in the industry with super fast connectivity.

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