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365 Aviation Expands Its Presence in Asia...

We are delighted to announce the expansion of our presence in Hong Kong with immediate effect. Spearheading 365 Aviation’s presence in Asia is Chairman, Colin Baker, who has been based in Hong Kong since 2011. With the Asia-Pacific regions experiencing strong growth post-covid, we are excited to build our team and operations at this time.

Under the leadership of Zofia Cowley, Sales Manager Asia, with support from Tristan Yeung, Marketing and Operations Manager London, 365 Aviation is now able to provide the exceptional standards of service that 365 Aviation’s clients have come to expect across all time Zones in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

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Zofia Cowley

With over a decade of experience in the luxury travel, yacht, and private aviation industry in Asia, Zofia brings a wealth of knowledge and experience of the market in Greater China and Asia to 365 Aviation. Having worked extensively for global aviation brands both in charter sales and aircraft management, Zofia brings a dynamic skillset making her the ideal candidate to lead the team in Hong Kong.

Understanding the client's needs and cultural nuances coupled with her multi-lingual skills, including Chinese, makes her a perfect match for 365’s clients seeking luxury experiences. In keeping with the demanding standards set at 365 Aviation, Zofia leverages her experience and precise attention to detail to provide immaculate private aviation experiences for her clients.

Tristan Yeung

Tristan began his business aviation career in 2006, serving as Marketing Manager in the Asia Pacific region for elite global aviation brands such as Bombardier Skyjet and Vistajet. He worked as Director of Marketing and Client Relationships for Bombardier Business Jet Representative in Greater China, overseeing the marketing, PR programs and after-sales support. In 2014, Tristan joined Business Aviation Asia, one of the leading aircraft management companies in Greater China before moving to the U.K and becoming Regional Representative in Europe for a Hong Kong based charter company.

Tristan’s experience, dedication and passion for the private aviation industry, coupled with his multilingual skills including Chinese, allow Tristan to perfectly compliment 365’s operations and expansion in Asia. Based in London, Tristan gives 365 the ability to provide global coverage across all time zones for clients across Asia and corporate flight itineraries between the major European and Asian business centers.

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Asia has long been a significant part of 365 Aviation’s core business; with the new additions to the team, we look forward to expanding our presence in the region, especially as multiple countries announce the easing of covid restrictions.

365 Aviation Executive Chairman, Colin Baker said, “We are absolutely delighted to be making this announcement of expanding our presence in Asia, which has always been a key market for us since the company’s inception in 2011.

As a long-term resident of Hong Kong and having previously lived in Japan for 11 years, I’ve conducted business in APAC for many years and anticipate much of the future growth of global business aviation to come from here.

Both Zofia Cowley in Hong Kong and Tristan Yeung based in London bring dynamic skillsets to our operations. Being able to provide highly experienced Chinese speaking client support in both Asia and Europe will allow us to provide seamless operations across all business hubs, leisure destinations and time zones. We are delighted to have them both and look forward to an exciting future.”

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