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To Which Latitude Or Longitude Will You Fly And In Which One?

Cessna has always strived to and continues to redefine business aviation. Always at the forefront of innovation with a laser focus on pushing the boundaries of passenger comfort and efficiency; the Citation Latitude and Citation Longitude embody all of Cessna’s principles. By designing two midsize aircraft with the amenities of a large jet, Cessna provides the ideal solution for all of your business travel needs.

A couple of planes flying through a blue sky


Derived from Cessna’s model 680 Sovereign, the Citation Latitude made its first delivery in 2015. With 277 Latitude jets currently in operation, the super mid-size jet offers impressive performance and unrivalled comfort. Powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW306D1 engines, the aircraft has a range of 2,700nm and high speed cruise of Mach 0.80.

A small plane flying over a body of water

The Latitude accomplishes what most other aircraft in its class cannot, the efficiency of a mid-size jet with the feel of a large jet. The large, spacious cabin is over 21 feet long, 6.5 feet wide and six feet in height. Seating a maximum of nine passengers, the jet offers an abundance of space, featuring wide seats, large windows a flat cabin floor and all the technological comforts that you would expect of a jet of this calibre.


Successfully completing its first flight in October 2016, the Longitude was designed to offer transatlantic range whilst providing the best cabin experience with the lowest operating cost. With a range of 3,500nm and a cruising speed of 483 kts at 45,000ft, the super-midsize jet features Garmin’s latest flight deck avionics and state-of-the-art cabin technology, maximising both comfort and productivity.

A small white plane flying over a mountain range

Renowned for having the quietest cabin in its class, the Longitude offers ample legroom and seats up to 12 passengers. With an advanced cabin management system that puts passengers in control of lighting, temperature and communications, this jet provides passengers with a very comfortable and fully interactive travel experience.

Although some passengers might upgrade from a Latitude to a Longitude, both jets promise to deliver an unparalleled cabin experience. Which will you choose to charter?

For further information or to charter a Citation Latitude or Longitude, please contact the team at


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