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Uncover Germany's Unmissable Sights

Germany, at the centre of Europe’s commercial and cultural world, effortlessly blends urban sophistication with timeless elegance.

Berlin cityscape

From the high-powered business and financial hub of Frankfurt to the unrivalled art scene in Berlin, Germany serves as a playground for the discerning business traveller and affluent connoisseur.

Captivating Art in Berlin

The art scene in Berlin is internationally renowned for its vibrancy, diversity, and avant-garde spirit. From the historic exhibitions of Museum Island and abundance of modern art galleries to the iconic East Side Gallery, you’ll find bursts of creativity around every corner.

Museum Island in Berlin, Germany

Beyond its magnetic art, Berlin also boasts some of the best fine dining establishments in the world. Among the city’s Michelin-starred restaurants are Tim Raue, a stylish eatery where Asian and German cuisine fuse and Facil, the perfect meeting place for lovers of haute cuisine.

Facil Restaurant in Berlin, Germany

Experience Unique Bavarian Culture in Munich

Famous for its beer festival and Bavarian traditions, Munich is all of that and much more. Dubbed Germany’s lifestyle capital, the city’s beautiful old town, cutting-edge museums, chic shopping boulevards and dynamic culinary scene never fails to impress.

Munich cityscape

A walk along Munich’s grandest shopping avenue, Maximilianstrasse, is the perfect way to catch up with the latest trends from luxury clothing and jewellery brands. Or if shopping doesn’t pique your interest, consider a visit to Bayerische Staatsoper, a world-renowned opera house, which has a 350-year legacy and is celebrated for its opera, ballet, and various musical performances. Once a year, the Munich Opera Festival treats its attendees with outstanding productions featuring a star cast.

Bayerische Staatsoper in Munich

September to October is the best time to visit for those looking to partake in the lively festivities of the annual Oktoberfest. Alternatively, if you’re in search of an enchanting snowy winter experience, Munich becomes truly captivating.

Frankfurt: The City of Dazzling Skyscrapers

In this bustling corner of Germany, Frankfurt is home to one of the world’s largest stock exchanges and the European Central Bank, famously hosting some of the world's most important trade fairs. While the city consistently draws numerous business travellers, its business centre is not all the city has to offer.

Frankfurt skyline

Often dubbed “Mainhattan” due to its striking skyline reminiscent of Manhattan, the city showcases a blend of architectural marvels that range from sleek skyscrapers to beautiful historical buildings. The city boasts a rich cultural scene, featuring world-class museums, such as the Städel Museum and the German Film Museum. Frankfurt’s strategic location in central Europe makes it an excellent starting point for exploring the rest of Germany and beyond.

Städel Museum in Frankfurt

With its cities, picturesque landscapes and charming fairy-tale towns, Germany is a country that has something to offer for every type of traveller. Whether you’re sealing a pivotal business deal or indulging in a luxurious retreat, our Charter Managers are available 24/7 to arrange every intricate detail, ensuring your journey’s exclusivity and precision.

colourful buildings in Frankfurt

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