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Onboard the Cessna Citation XLS+

So what's involved in customising your brand new Cessna Citation XLS+? The video below takes a good look at the bespoke process that Cessna undergoes to create your new aircraft exactly to your taste and a home away from home. From extensive choices in the highest quality fabrics, styles, wood finishes and leather choices to custom cabinetry and seating that is completely made to measure, Cessna can create an interior tailored exactly to your personal preferences. Performance aside, just one of the reasons that the XLS+ is the best selling aircraft in the best selling Citation range.

A small white airplane flying over a mountain range

With trans-continental range, the Citation XLS+ is a winner in the mid-size jet category, comfortably accommodating up to nine passengers in a stand-up cabin the XLS+ also benefits from class leading luggage capacity, there are no issues bringing the golf clubs alongside the regular luggage in the baggage hold. A client favourite, the XLS+ is capable of cruising at over 800 kph with a maximum range of 3700 km making London to Athens a comfortable trip with a Flight Attendant and catering onboard.

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