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Live365 | Colombia...A Spectacular Destination Of Contradictions...

Home to the most infamous drug cartel in history (profuse apologies to any other cartels that may disagree!) Colombia's history is painted with drugs, violence and excess but it is also steeped in history, tradition and beauty, with architectural gems and the most successful, forward thinking economy in South America. If you think of Medellin, it would be natural to think Pablo Escobar. The truth however is that Medellin is a thriving, artistic entrepreneurial city blessed with a spectacular setting nestled at 1500M's in a valley between two Andean mountain ranges and arguably has one of the cleanest and most efficient public transport systems in the world.

A large building with a clock on the top of it

Orderly, efficient and industrious by day; full of life, salsa, vibrancy and the most beautiful people celebrating life by night, Medellin is an unforgettable destination. Known as 'The City of Eternal Spring' Medellin hosts the annual Festival of Flowers amongst others and days can be spent exploring the different neighbourhoods nestled on the slopes of the mountains, all reached by cable car which connects to the city's train system. Beautiful public parks, streets lined with alfresco restaurants and salsa bars, homes painted to reflect the colourful character of the city residents, Medellin is simply unforgettable.

Due North of Medellin lies Cartagena, a city of incredible architectural beauty and historical significance. First established in 1533 by The Spanish, Cartagena was one of the first trading cities that gave Spain access to the interior of South America and all of the wealth that was then sailed East with 'The Silver Fleet'

The sun is setting over the rooftops of a city

Cartagena today is a destination for influencers and the fashionable in part because of the stunning natural beauty of the city and also the incredible cultural mix of the city's residents. Cartagena is literally where Europe meets South America and The Caribbean, where Salsa meets Reggae, where Colonialism meets The Beach all blended together into one of the most friendly and vibrant communities you will ever visit. Full of glamorous boutique hotels such as the uber-fashionable Hotel Charleston Santa Teresa the old walled city is also home to an exceptional array of restaurants serving cuisine that is again a fusion of the land, the sea, South America and The Caribbean. A destination that will live long in the memory.

The Caribbean is full of world-class destinations; The Virgin Islands, Antigua, St Barth and The Grenadines amongst many many others boast some of the most incredible winter beaches and scenery.

A sandy beach with people swimming in the water

Just east of Cartagena however is Santa Marta, the gateway to Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona, which is home to more stunning beaches per square mile than possibly anywhere else in The Caribbean. Playa Lipe, Playa Cristal and Bahia Concha are jewels; offering unspoilt, undeveloped palm-fringed vistas, stunning jungles and crystal clear blue water. Cap-off a Colombian Odyssey with absolute peace and serenity in one of the most spectacular beach destinations in the world.

All major destinations within Colombia are serviced by excellent airports and facilities with easy flying times from North America. For further information or a quotation please contact The Team at


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